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Welcome to First Edition Coaching. As the founder of First Edition it is my mission to provide a coaching experience that is forged in authenticity and trust.

Greatness starts with a goal or a purpose that connects your vision to your voice. When vision and voice are aligned your message resonates with others, opportunities are created and personal success and fulfillment follows. As your professional coach I will honor your voice. I will highlight and call upon your strengths. I will encourage your creativity. …and I will hold you accountable. Are you ready for greatness?

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Coaching a state of mind.

Greatness is a mind set. It is a habit that is developed through consistency. It requires a sharp focus on what is true rather than on what is feared. Coaching helps you confront doubt through raising awareness, practicing positive self talk, embracing imperfection and accepting your humanity. It opens the mind and allows what is possible to emerge. We don’t stop there however. We step in to this place of possibility and we articulate your goals, we identify your values and we define your life purpose.

Only you know your truth. As your coach, I will support you, help give voice to your truth, set a direction and together we will prepare you for greatness.

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There is nothing to find. Create it.

Do you have an interest or a longing to do more? Are you wanting to contribute in a different and more impactful way? Are you seeking change in your life, your job, your health, or in your relationships? Perhaps you have an idea or a feeling that simply will not be quieted. Together we will honor your vision so that you can express, design and manifest it. As your professional coach I will serve as a guide, asking powerful questions to help you shape your life.

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – James Bernard Shaw

Individual Coaching

Invite Greatness. Align with your authentic self.

The pandemic forever changed human behavior, most notably it challenged our ability to create honest and authentic connections by keeping us apart. It’s time to reconnect. Understanding what is truly important to you as a human, a leader, a parent or a partner has never been more valuable. Identifying what is true for you and what your authentic self wants to do and say is the key to recreating connections and relationships that thrive. As your coach I will help you align before you take action.

Let’s prepare for greatness!


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Building an Authentic Brand Workshop

“Thank you for leading the excellent UCLA Alumni Zoom meeting last week. It was very insightful!”

– Colleen M.

Building an Authentic Brand Workshop

“Congrats on a very successful event!”

– Loren V. Director, Regional Engagement UCLA Alumni Affairs

Building an Authentic Brand Workshop

“Such a great event! You brought clarity and wisdom to so many with your offering!”

– Teresa L. Business Owner, CEO

On Leadership

“I cannot wait to listen to one of the most powerful women I have ever known speak. I was honored that I got to work for you, with you, and even more honored to continue to watch you do amazing things.”

– Crystal Hasan, Senior Vice President HR

On Leadership

“I’d be hard-pressed to think of someone who embodies authenticity and putting her values to work more than Alicia Anagnostou”

– Walter H., Senior HR Business Partner

On Leadership

“Alicia provides individualized development to each team member in order to optimize strengths and improve their opportunities.”

– Janine Yount, Assistant Vice President HR

I love the company I keep

About Me

ALICIA ANAGNOSTOU is a sociologist, creative non-fiction writer and serves as Vice President of Client Loyalty for a Fortune 500 company. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate leadership she has coached leaders to success in a wide array of industries, from rapid growth start ups to some of the world’s largest companies. Alicia believes in the importance of giving a voice to one’s core values through thoughtful word choice, purposeful messaging and the sharing of powerful life stories.

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